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Hardware Products

Part #  Hardware Data Sheet
WG4 GPS Time Reference with Antenna GPS
ROW Right O' Way Emergency Preemption System ROW
TC1 Time Clock  
PULSAR Pulsar II Microwave Detector Pulsar II
FC Flasher Cabinet  
FC-T Flasher Cabinet with Time Clock  
TS1 NEMA TS1 Cabinet TS1 cabinet
TS2 NEMA TS2 Cabinet TS2
DET-RACK Detector Racks  
ITS ITS Cabinets  
CCTV CCTV Cabinets  
PPC-1 Pocket PC computer  
CBL-PC Pocket PC adapter cable w/ DB9 male connector  
CBL-C2 Adapter cable DB9 female - C2 connector (170)  
CBL-DB9 Extension cable DB9 female - DB9 male (ATC/2070)  
CBL-BT Bluetooth Adapter  
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